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March Question of the Month Contest
Posted On:
Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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Contest Guidelines : The question of the month is aligned to assist the schools with planning for the 2020 School Year. An activity aligned to the question of the month is scheduled for March 28th at 10AM and 6PM. The activity will take at the Parent Resource Center - Board of Education Offices - 96 Perry Street


  • All parent and community stakeholders are encouraged to attend whether the question of the month is answered or not
  • To win the first response/iTunes Card must participate in either the 10AM or 6PM session
  • To win a top 5 responder prize must participate in 10AM or 6PM session
  • Door prizes will be given out to those who did not win the first response or top 5 responses prize
  • Must sign-in and provide an email address and/or telephone number
  • Must complete a questionnaire after the activity is completed
  • MCS employees cannot claim prizes