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A Special Visit
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Thursday, September 26, 2019
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The Sacrifice



        It has been a long year of sacrifice for SPC Ashley Miller and her three children. On occasion we sometimes consider that our fellow Americans are deployed to places far away, but do we really know how hard the time of separation can be for the parents of growing families? Ariel Hollis 1st grade, MCES, Marlon Jackson 2nd grade, MCES, and Roslyn Burke 7th grade, MCMS, have been a year from their mother while living with their Aunt Melinda Miller, MCMS math teacher, and their family. As far as the children knew, it would be November 2019 before they could see their mother. September 11 is usually a date to remember an attack on American soil, but this year that date brought Ashley Miller back to her children and joy and tears to many children and employees of our schools. All three children were brought to the lunchroom thinking they were stopping before going to the dentist, but were overwhelmed with joy to see their mother. Their reactions ranged from immediate overtaking joy, to disbelief, and shock. Once she had her children wrapped tightly in her arms there was no letting go.

        Thank you SPC Ashley Miller to you and your family for your sacrifice.