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MCS Strategic Planning Summit - PUBLIC MEETING
Posted On:
Monday, May 14, 2018







Goal #1

Strategic Goal Area 1: College and Career Readiness


1.      Strategic Objective: Miller County School System will increase our College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) score at each school, without challenge points, by closing 3% of the gap between the CCRPI baseline score and 100.


1.      Implement Professional Learning Communities to empower collective and innovative teaching strategies to provide both enrichment and remediation learning opportunities for student achievement and growth

2.      Effectively utilize PBIS to support positive school culture

3.      Develop partnerships with early learning providers to ensure that students are school-ready

4.      Identify the factors impeding student attendance and develop a plan to effectively school-ready


2.      Strategic Objective: Miller County School System will continue to work diligently to prepare students for a global society


1.      Development of a comprehensive and fully-aligned K-12 career guidance plan

2.      Develop innovative academic programs in grades K-8 that provide foundational 21st century learning skills for all students

3.      Develop robust career pathways and academic programs in grades 6-12 that provide post-secondary opportunities for student entering universities, colleges, US Armed Forces, or regional employment

4.      Identify and develop work-based learning solutions with regional employers to prepare students to enter the workforce upon graduation


Goal #2

Strategic Goal Area 2: Stakeholder and Community Support


1.      Strategic Objective: Miller County School System will increase stakeholder and community involvement for student success


1.      Develop partnerships with parents that result in active involvement in their child’s life success

2.      Develop ongoing partnerships with community support organization and regional employers identified as critical to the school system’ mission

3.      Increase stakeholder access to information through various social media platforms, electronic messaging, Internet applications, and websites


Goal #3

Strategic Goal Area 3: Quality Assurance


1.      Strategic Objective: The Miller County School System will maximize the impact of all available resources on student achievement and organizational effectiveness


1.      Autonomy for administration in day to day management of the school

2.      Financial Stewardship (Budget and Financial Status)

3.      Effective Plant Operations

4.      Up to Date Safety Management Plan

5.      System Implemented Wellness Plan

6.      Effective Nutrition Program