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MCES 2018-2019 Dress Code
Posted On:
Thursday, June 07, 2018

MCES 2018-2019 Dress Code


Dress code for professionals is outlined in the employee handbook. However, personnel are expected to model the same grooming for a positive learning environment.

MCES upholds that being well-groomed is one of the key factors in creating a positive, significant, and respectful learning environment. Students are expected to dress for success.

Appropriate decisions regarding appropriate school attire must be made before the student arrives on school property or campus.

If a student is sent to the Principal’s office because of a dress code infraction, instructional time is interrupted for the student, the teacher, and the class. Time lost from class if the student is referred is unexecuted.

The dress code is in effect while the student is on campus on any day school is in session and during any function that is held on the campuses of Miller County School System. The dress code remains in effect during school programs and events.

1.       Shorts may be worn by all students. Shorts must be mid-thigh in length.


2.       Dresses / skirts must be worn at mid –thigh or below. Shorts should be worn underneath.


3.       Sleeveless outer garments may be worn as long as undergarments are not visible. Halter tops, backless blouses, spaghetti straps, T-shirts with sleeves ripped or cut off, muscle shirts may not be worn. Tank tops are to be worn only with a covering.


4.       Leggings or jeggings may be worn with a top, dress, or covering that comes to mid-thigh in length.


5.       Pants are defined as garments that have pockets, zippers, or buttons and belt loops.


6.       Students are prohibited from wearing shirts or tops that expose their midriff. Midriff must be covered at all times including standing and sitting.


7.       Females are prohibited from wearing tops, dresses, or shirts that reveal cleavage


8.       All pants and skirts must be worn above the hips. No “sagging” or undergarments showing. No pants or shorts with writing across the seat.


9.       Sweatpants, pajama pants, yoga pants, jogger style pants, or boxer style pants are not allowed to be worn to school. Wind type suits may be worn.


10.   Clothes may not have holes, tears, rips that expose skin or under garments. Tape on holes is prohibited. Clothes must be worn properly not backwards or inside out. No see through clothing will be allowed. Holes in jeans are allowed at the knee or below only. Tights may be worn under jeans with holes in other areas.


11.   The following headgear is prohibited from the campus of the Miller County School System: wave caps, hoods, doo-rags, bandanas, sweatbands, headbands, headsets, or any other head covering.


12.   Earrings: for males-studs are allowed but should be no larger than the lobe with NO hanging embellishments. ALL Students: NO nose hoops, lip, tongue, or eyebrow rings are allowed. Gauges are not allowed. Any other jewelry deemed inappropriate by the administration will not be allowed.


13.   Any jewelry or accessory that may be used as a weapon will 5not be allowed to be worn at school.


14.   Clothing that displays words, symbols that advocate or depict violence, racism, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex or other illegal activity expressly or implied are prohibited. No student clothing should be disruptive to the smooth operation of the school.


15.   Students will wear shoes at all times. No bedroom shoes, flip flops, or backless sandals will be permitted. Tennis shoes are highly recommended for daily wear and required for PE classes.


16.   Any extreme dress that is deemed inappropriate by the faculty is prohibited.



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