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Jolene Burke 

Welcome to K 

Welcome to the web page of "Miss" Jolene, MCES Kindergarten Teacher!


I love teaching KINDERGARTEN! This school year represents my 24th year inspiring young students to be all they can be. I graduated from Troy State University, Magna Cum Lade with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education in 1993. I have 22 years’ experience teaching Kindergarten.


I have lived in Colquitt, Georgia all of my life. I am and have always been a true “Miller County Pirate”! I graduated from Miller County in 1983. My husband, Gene Burke and I have been married 32 years. I am the proud mother of three sons, Ashley, Edd, and Slater. 

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to have Miss Kaitlyn Smith as my paraprofessional.  We work together to provide ALL students in our classroom with learning opportunities that will enhance their ability to succeed, motivate self-assurance, and instill within them the desire to learn. We encourage ALL students to strive to reach their full potential in a safe and secure learning environment.  Together, Miss Kaitlyn and I ensure that our classroom includes fun learning experiences that meet and EXCEED state standards. We assure that ALL students understand the importance of following “Classroom Rules and Expectations”.  As parent/teacher communication is essential to student success, we are asking that you become our partners in your child’s education.

We expect parents to take time to review and initial their child’s “Daily Folder”.  This folder is our way to assure that you are aware of your child’s academic progress and behavior management on a daily basis. We ask that you review all of your child’s classwork each day, and review any skill areas that your child may be having a difficult time mastering. We encourage parents to stay in touch through written notes or by scheduling a conference. To schedule a conference, please call the school at 758-4140 or send a note by your child. Most conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday after school or during my planning period.  

Thanks for all of your support! 

                       Jolene Burke & Kaitlyn Smith

              Parent Partners in the Education of Children