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Welcome to Our Class 

Welcome to 5th Grade 

About Science and Social Studies

     In science the students will learn about and experience "hands on labs" exploring landforms, matter, electricity and magnetism, cells and microorganisms, multicellular organism, and growth and inheritance. Ms. Jody Hodges will come once a month and lead the children as they prepare projects for 4H. She will come occasionally and bring interactive lessons that coordinate with the science standards.

     Social Studies will cover history from the end of the Civil War reconstruction period to current history. As you can ascertain from the huge time span, we will be focusing on the highlights. The students may be creating political cartoons, writing TV reporter scripts, making time lines, creating Venn diagrams, etc. as class projects. Ms. Jana Clenney will be coming monthly to intorduce students to a variety of career paths.

About Me

      I grew up in Brinson, just south of Colquitt. While in high school I met the love of my life, Philip Warren, whom I married after college graduation. We have a daughter that is getting married in the spring and a son that will graduate from UGA in May. We also have 2 cats and 3 dogs. I love watching UGA football, walking through the woods, playing with my fur babies, and "hanging" with my family.

Contact Me

          There are several different ways in which you can contact me. My email address is You can call 229-758-4140 between 10:10-10:35and between 3:15-3:30. DOJO is also an avaliable option.