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This week, students are taking the Beginning of the Year SGP Tests during first period. Testing times have been going over into second period as well. Because of this, my first and second period classes will not be moving on to this unit. Thanks!


This Week in Social Studies

Teacher: Kydie Dean

August 21-25, 2017

Title: Where in the World are You? Topic: Map Skills  Resource: Georgia Studies Weekly Standards: SS3G1a, SS3G1b, SS3G2

Day of Week








Hemisphere – Equator – Latitude – Longitude – Prime Meridian

Using a globe and world map. We will be locating the lines of latitude, lines of longitude, equator, and prime meridian. We will also find the hemispheres. We will be learning how to use lines of latitude and lines of longitude to find points on a map.







River – Mountain

Locating the 6 major rivers and 2 major mountain ranges on a United States Map. We will also find the Grand Canyon and Great Lakes. We will be discovering interesting facts about each of these landforms.


Labeling parts of a globe/world map.

Using lines of latitude and lines of longitude to find points.




Relative Location – Absolute Location

We will be learning the difference between relative location and absolute location.


Labeling the 6 major rivers and 2 mountain ranges on United States Map.






We will review all the map skills and vocabulary covered this week. Then, students will use their “Georgia Studies Weekly” to look through text and answer questions in complete sentences.





Open book quiz on Map Skills

(looking through text to find information and answers.)








Where in the World Are You? – Map Skills Test


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