SY 24 Kindergarten Screening


Kindergarten Screening/Registration Information

PK students will begin Kindergarten screening on Wednesday, April 26th through Friday, April 28th.  Students enrolled in the Miller County PK program will automatically be screened.  Any additional paperwork needed for enrollment in Kindergarten at Miller County Elementary will be sent home with your child, and it should be returned the next day to your child’s teacher.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We MUST have ALL necessary paperwork in order to enroll your child in Kindergarten at Miller County Elementary.  We CANNOT enroll your child until ALL paperwork has been received. Students with disabilities, English As A Second Language, Migrant Status, or Homeless status cannot be denied enrollment on the basis of screening or incomplete paperwork.

For students not currently enrolled in PK in the Miller County PK program, parents/guardians will need to contact Miller County Elementary at 758-4140 to get an appointment for your child to be screened on one of the dates listed above.  You will also be provided with a list of needed information that will be required for enrollment in Kindergarten at Miller County Elementary.